WoW Hunter Professions – What’s the Best Profession For a Hunter to Take in Wotlk?

Usually Hunters in World of Warcraft have to make a decision between increasing their rank in their chosen professions and buying food for their pet. One way of avoiding this particular problem is to take two gathering professions. By doing this, everything you gather you sell and you won’t be worried about using up any of it because you won’t be able to, instead you can use the money to buy those items or consumables.

Taking two gathering wow hunter professions will allow you to simply gather up what you find along the way during your adventures and then selling them at the AH once you have a full stack of them. A lot of professionals who change professions at either 70 not so long ago, and from now on at 80 will prefer to farm the AH for cheap material rather than actually doing the gathering on their own.

Skinning is a great profession to take, because you’ll be killing a lot of creatures and the leather that you get from their hides will prove to be rather valuable in the long run. Sure at first it won’t fetch you incredible prices but as you level up and your prey levels up as well, you’ll see the amount of gold that you can charge for stacks of leather increase.

In the same vein Mining is a great gathering profession choice and one of my favorite because there is a need for ore and or bars at any given time in the game because there are three main professions that need metal: Blacksmithing, Engineering and Jewelcrafting.

WoW 19 Warlock Twink – WoW Wrath of the Lich King Level 19 Warlock Twink Guide

If want to play as a warlock and level him quickly so you can twink him at the special threshold levels you should start with an undead warlock. Will of the Forsaken is invaluable for a lock because it provides immunity to Charm, Fear and Sleep effects and it may also be used while already afflicted by Fear or Sleep effects. Also undead Warlocks will get more Intellect than orc warlocks.

If you want to play for the Alliance you can have either a Human or a Gnome Warlock and it could be a tough choice because Humans have Perception which is probably the only stealth detection ability at level nineteen and Gnomes have Engineering Racial and Expansive Mind so they get a little more Intellect. Although you don’t have to go with what I say because I know every player has their own way and preferences.

Level 19 Warlock Twink Gear:

o Head – You’ll want Green Tinted Goggles with the 8 Stamina enchant on them

o Neck – Thick Bronze Necklace

o Shoulders – Talbar Mantle which is a quest item from Wailing Caverns

o Back – Sentry Cloack with the +70 Defense Enchant

o Chest – Tree Bark Jacket with the +100 Health Enchant

o Bracers – Mindthrust Bracers with the +9 Stamina Enchant

o Hands – Magefist Gloves with the Spellpower Enchant on them

o Belt – Keller’s Girdle

o Pants- Darkweave Breeches with Mystic Spellthread on them

o Feet – Sanguine Sandals with the Minor Speed Enchant or + Stamina enchant although most prefer the speed enchant

o Ring1 – Seal of Sylvanas Ring2- Lavishly Jeweled Ring

o Weapon – Witching Stave with the +22 Intellect Enchant

o Wand – Skycaller

WoW Twink Guide – Level 19 Hunter Twink Gear (The Best Gears For Hunters)

In a nutshell a twink is a character that is a whole lot more powerful than he should be for his or her level. This is done with the help of very powerful items or high end enchants that can only be supplied from higher level players in the game. These are the main items you need for Level 19 twink hunter.

o Headgear

Usually twink hunters will have max their engineering skill up till 150 so that they can make themselves Green Tinted Goggles. This happens because you don’t usually find stat headgear until sometime later in your 20’s.

o Shoulders

The Serpent’s Shoulders which require level 18 are a great BoP drop from Lady Anacondra in the Wailing Caverns. That is an instance with tons of items, but if you want to get them all you’ll need to run it with a considerably higher level companion. You could also go to Shadowfang Keep with a high level companion and kill Rethilgore for his Rugged Spaulders which require level 15.

o Wrists

The best available item would be Forest Leather Bracers which are BoE, and they are a random drop from a variety of mobs and zones. You either get extremely lucky while grinding or you keep an eye out on the AH for this one.

o Hands

Gloves of the Fang a level 14 BoE drop from the druids of the fang in the Wailing Caverns instance, if they don’t drop you can always check the AH.

o Chest

The best chest item you can get is the level 19 Blackened Defias Armor, which is dropped by Edwin VanCleef the final boss from the Deadmines of Westfall.

This is all you need if you want to get the best Wow 19 twink hunter gear.

Gold Farming In Cataclysm With A WoW Gold Guide – Pros And Cons

What’s your gold situation in World of Warcraft? Do you have 310% flying speed on all your characters? Do you have super mounts like Vial of the Sands or Mekgineer’s Chopper, or super epic gear like Claws of Agony or Claws of Torment? If not, you need to learn a thing or two about gold farming in Cataclysm.

No worries. You don’t have to do that by yourself, there’s always a helper if you know where to look. For example, I’ve been working with a WoW gold guide.

Therefore, in this report, I will present a few pros and cons about gold farming in Cataclysm using a WoW gold Guide.


1. You will become a skilled Auction House broker. Making money exclusively at the Auction House is the main gold making method of almost every elite player. However, if you don’t know what’s best to invest in, there’s a high chance you will lose your investment or make only insignificant profits. Working with a WoW gold guide I’ve learned how to conduct a complete and solid AH research, reduce the risks to minimum and maximize the profits.

2. You will learn about the best farming spots in the game. Although going out on the field to gather resources, kill mobs for their hides or their loot is not my thing, I have to admit, I really had no idea about the spots presented in the guide I’ve been working with. Therefore, gold farming in Cataclysm using a tool like this fits to players that don’t like Auction House as well.

3. You will learn the best combination of addons. Working with the right addons, you can only take your character to maximum effectiveness. Without addons, you will always be average in PvP, PvE, making money or any other piece of WoW content.

4. You will learn how to make gold while leveling up. Many players whine that they don’t have enough to buy their mounts while leveling up. Believe it or not, I’ve learned quite a few tricks that allowed me to stack about 20k gold just while raising a character, so I had plenty for my riding skills.

5. Lastly, I got quite a few free updates until now. It would really suck for someone to get a guide that doesn’t provide updates.


There aren’t many cons that worth to mention here. Anyway, here’s what some players may not like:

1. Didn’t get an in-game version of the guide I’ve been working with. At least not yet.

2. To make high profits at the Auction House, you must rely on quite a few addons. I really don’t mind that, but there are players that like their UI clean, and don’t like to use any addon. So, for them this can be considered a downside.


Gold farming in Cataclysm with a WoW gold guide is quite a profitable idea. At least, it worked for me. I managed to get my Vial of the Sands in less than a week.

WoW Farming Gold

Do you want to learn the best strategies and spots for Wow farming gold? All World of Warcraft players will need to have a lot of gold if they want to acquire some high end equipment, skills and optimal items for their characters. In this article, I will be discussing some of the best Wow farming spots in the game and which are the creatures that you should look out for when you are in those areas.

Which Are The Best World of Warcraft Gold Farming Spots?

1. Western Plaguelands

There are some great mobs that are very profitable to farm in this area. The mobs in Felstone Field can be farmed for a good amount of Runecloth because they re-spawn very quickly and you should never have to wait for them. Rotting Behemoths are also great targets for farming. They can be found towards the east area of the map. These mobs drop the Greater Nature Protection Potion recipe that can easily be sold for 100 or more gold.

2. Winterspring

The ghosts found at Lake of Ke Theril in this area can be farmed for their green and silver items. Towards the southeast of this spot, you will be able to farm for the Mature Blue Dragon Sinew by killing the Scalebones and Cobalt Mageweavers mobs. Even though it has a very low drop rate for the Mature Blue Dragon Sinew, it is very rewarding when they eventually do so.

3. Azshara

There are Highborne Ghosts that are around levels 45 to 47. They can be quite difficult to kill but the items like Green Items and Mageweave that they drop are very rewarding when amassed in huge quantities.